to remember


Sometimes I ask myself, “What will I remember from today?”

Will it be the eight am beach-combing and ocean swim? The almost running out of gas on the deserted road, or the ten am piña colada that accompanied the epic wave watching laziness. Will it be the five year-old attitude and the endless sibling fighting that defined the afternoon?

Or maybe the phone call to my ever patient husband who listened while I described said fighting, the attitude, and my complete incapability of dealing with it. Maybe I’ll remember his calm mention of the promised land–school starting in just 4 short days and how kindergarten and a routine is just what this tiny girl/big attitude needs.

Will I remember the pink sky and warm winds behind her now sweet, early-evening, five year-old daring self, as she performs handstands on the trampoline?

Or maybe the only memory will be this sunset swim. The one where summer and fall and my girls growing selves meet. Where seasons change subtly, days blur into one another, and so many beautiful moments in life are blown into the wind.

Ah, we meet again

karinabania floating




in summer.

living lately //
eating outdoors every night
reading the luminaries
contemplating conscious parenting
listening to first aid kit
feeling good about recent art shows in joshua tree & ocean beach
experimenting with plaster
playing with clay
walking beaches
swimming in warm oceans
gathering with friends
enjoying my time with the girls
moving slower
breathing deeper.

hope your summer is everything. xx






Spring is in full bloom, I’m painting everyday and seeing color everywhere.

I’m loving fort makers. You can read more about them here.

The new Selby book, Fashionable Selby is wonderful. I also love, love Audrey Louise Reynolds in the Fashionable Selby film too.

And I can’t wait to get one of these baskets at MILLE for upcoming summer vacations.

Were off to Mexico for the week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx


San Diego Art Institute Karina Bania

SDAI Karina Bania

karinabania gallery

Karina Bania San Diego Art Institute

One of the interesting things about creating something for people to look at is watching them look at it. It’s a bit surreal. The work came from you, but it’s not you. Much like your children, you created them but they came into the world wholly their own person, sometimes as if you had little to do with it. Standing back, I watch people get in close, take a step back, discuss it, want to touch it. They’re doing all the things that I do as I look at a piece. I am always interested in everything that went into a painting, so I usually sneak in close to decipher details and technique. I see many people doing this too. And coming back, I always like to see the people that come back to get a second look. Or a third.

. . .

The exhibition runs through May 18th at the San Diego Art Institute Museum of the Living Artist in Balboa Park.

Art Happenings

Karina Bania studio

A few things.

If you are in Marfa this weekend, my work is part of the Biennial Roadshow being held at El Cosmico. Marfa!! It should be a great event!

I am also thrilled to be part of the Southern California/Baja Norte Regional Exhibit at the SDAI Museum of the Living Artist in Balboa Park, San Diego. The opening gala is Saturday April, 5th. I’ll be there, so if you’re in town tomorrow night, pop in and say hi! The show runs through the end of April.

Also a heads up for Art Walk April 26th & 27th in Little Italy, San Diego. I’ll be in Booth 184, on Beech Street.

I have a ton of new work and am spending this weekend getting digitally organized, so they’ll be a shop update soon!

Hope you have a great weekend. xx

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